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I know who I’d pick, given spoilers. XD

Basically, the entire game was spoiled for me before I even thought about owning a system to play it on let alone the game itself XD
I have yet to pick a side. I’ve just been exploring Orzammar and chipping at mini-quests…I should probably go to sleep since I have to work tomorrow XD
Also, no spoilers in replies for other people :P

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who the fuck chooses the actors in infomercials

I wonder how the audition call manages to politely word, “Whoever can play the part of ‘complete and utter tool’ most effectively will get the part”.

Here’s a fun thing… Imagine you live in the world where this is how everyone really is. You are the only one who isn’t like this, in the entire world.

Hahahahahaha oh my god.

This is the third game in this series to go into overtime.

Unlike the regular season, it’s sudden death overtime.

Regular season overtime:

  • Each team gets one point towards the standings
  • There’s one five-minute period of four-on-four play
  • If no one scores, then it goes into a minimum three-round shoot out
  • After three rounds, if it’s still tied, the rounds continue until someone wins
  • Which ever team scores in OT gets the extra point that goes along with a win since wins count for two points

Post-season overtime:

  • 20 minute periods of play are added to the game with 15 minute intermissions for as long as it takes to decide a winner
  • There is no limit on the number of overtime periods, like one game earlier in this series when it went into triple overtime

Of course, as I’m typing this out, Kaner scores and ties the series at two games a piece XD